• Kitchen Mixer

    Because the kitchen more and more into our living space, so the water must be attractive. Based on this, the high and kitchen faucets incorporate ergonomic, functional,

  • Basin Mixer

    Bathroom design focuses on the realization of customer personalized needs and aspirations, GOWO product lines to meet the needs of various needs.

  • Bathshower Mixer

    Shower and bath solutions for private bathrooms. Whether single family villas or apartments, there are - GOWO products, so that you can always find the heart of the solution.

  • Series Faucet

    When taste becomes the basic of life, you walk in the forefront of fashion, enjoy pure and comfortable bathroom life. All my dreams turned into little drops in my life.

  • Single Cold Series

    Innovative design concept to promote, and the introduction of high-tech elements to create the most perfect and practical single cold series.

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