Work shop

Production technology
A: Material
1、Use high-quality and low-lead brass.
B: Tooling
1、With CNC Production Certer and exquisite technology, which make Yuanxing products more competitive on international market.
2、With hydraulic pressure swelling equipment & advance "Innovative" technics, which make Yuanxing products more perfect.
3、Welding: Adopt the advance welding technology. After welding, the spouts are smooth, uniform& without sand hole and can bear more pressure

C: Surface Processing
1、Polishing: with eco-friendly buffing equipment which can insure the buffing workshop clean, air-freshing, the buffing workers can focus on buffing and polishing. Strict QC inspection on the spot to insure the products more uniform and smooth. 
2、Multi-layer plating technology to insure the spouts like new all the time

D: Products Inspection
1、Complete, professional & superior inspection tools。
2、Double full inspection on all the ex-work products: Initial inspection on surface and air testing or water testing.

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